Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China

Dr. Dong Yi is the Director of the SICCA research site at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. For additional information, please email

Key Personnel

Zhao Yan, Director
Dong Yi, Rheumatology
Du Deshun, Stomatology/Pathology

Li Mengtao, Rheumatology
Wu Qingjun, Rheumatology
Zhang Shunhua, Ophthalmology
Zhao Jialiang, Ophthalmology
Zheng Wenjie, Rheumatology
Zhang Wen, Rheumatology, Project Coordinator
Jiang Ying, Rheumatology
Xu Dong, Rheumatology
Su Jinmei, Rheumatology
Wang Hanglin, Stomatology

Web links

Peking Union Medical College Hospital (in Chinese)
Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Rheumatology (in Chinese)

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